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Winseed is a global vegetable R&D and seed marketing company. Our head office for the global business located in New Zealand. This is backed by a fully owned and operated subsidiary located in India. The production of our varieties is handled internally and by our trusted production partners. Our seeds are then distributed from our warehouses based in New Zealand and India.


A brand built to last

With years of extensive breeding and multinational testing going into each and every variety, when bringing a variety to market we have the highest level of confidence that it will perform to optimum potential.

As the world population increases and more mouths to be fed, there is a steady growing need for good, healthy food. We contribute with our expertise and by further improving our varieties to ensure a sustainable and reliable product.


From our family to yours

Winseed is a member of the Carrfields group of companies, a New Zealand owned and operated group, where we pride ourselves on the core values of being a family business.  We trust in our premium range of products and significant R&D efforts to enable us to bring new and improved genetics and varieties to market. Our hybrid and open pollinated breeding programs enable customers to stay ahead of the competition and environmental challenges.


A product portfolio you can count on

With a focused range of temperate and tropical crops, Winseed’s R&D and production efforts are mainly concentrated on Carrot, Beetroot, Radish, Peas, Tomato, Hot Pepper and Okra. Additionally, Winseed is always working on an exciting new crop or variety to grow its portfolio and support a loyal customer base.




our purpose

To breed and market superior vegetable seed genetics that enables growers to maximise value.



Core values

Innovation – for a better tomorrow.
People – are our business and future.
Integrity – in everything we say and do.
Service – that is second to none.
Safety – for our people and our products.