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From our headquarters in New Zealand, we invest in research and plant breeding, product development, production, and marketing to bring quality seeds to markets worldwide.

We are proud to be helping address the growing global demand for healthy, nutritious, plant-based food. Since 2012, we have worked to create and develop better vegetable varieties that add real value to both growers and consumers. This vision guides us in everything we do.

Winseed has been expanding globally, with a subsidiary operation in India and development representatives based around the world.

However, at the core of our business are our New Zealand roots: our pure and unspoilt land, our farms and our people. Today, Winseed is supported by a team of over 60, working to bring our vision to reality.


A brand built to last

With years of extensive breeding and multinational testing going into each and every variety, when bringing a variety to market we have the highest level of confidence that it will perform to optimum potential.

As the world population increases and more mouths to be fed, there is a steady growing need for good, healthy food. We contribute with our expertise and by further improving our varieties to ensure a sustainable and reliable product.


Our Products

Winseed is a plant breeder, producer, and marketer of quality vegetable seeds, aiming to be a global leader in a carefully-selected portfolio. Our flagship products include carrots, beetroot and peas, with our activities mostly focused on these products. Several other products including radish and broad beans are also developed and produced for selected global markets.

We have grown to become a leading global supplier of garden pea varieties, with distribution channels in markets around the world on six continents. New varieties of carrot and beetroot hybrids, released from our programme in 2019, are now being commercialised.

The production and distribution of our vegetable seeds is handled by Winseed and a small group of trusted global production partners.



We operate a research programme based in New Zealand, supported by the world leading crown research institute, Plant & Food Research. Our research is focused on creating greater yielding, more resilient and superior quality hybrids of carrot and beetroot, which are adapted to our target markets.

This is accomplished by utilising our product development team that works closely with our global customers. These teams, who are often based on the ground in market, collaborate directly with our researchers and plant breeders to drive meaningful change in phenotypic traits that benefit growers directly. This plays a vital role in our operations, allowing our product range to evolve in response to changing market dynamics, environmental challenges and customer preferences.




our purpose



OUR Core values

Driven By Integrity

We foster a culture of honesty, trust, reliability and strong ethics.

Integrity is ingrained in our culture and demonstrated through all our actions, decisions and interactions.

We Collaborate

We are one team – we harness the collective potential of our team and partners to achieve higher levels of productivity, innovation and success.


We’re committed to delivering products, processes and service that deliver to the highest quality, meeting & exceeding the needs of our markets.

We’re Progressive

We have a forward thinking and innovative mindset – we seek continuous improvement and strive for positive enhancement.

We encourage a culture of continuous learning, adaptability and positive change.