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Carrfields Winseed Tomato - WT431 - Winseed International

Winseed Tomato – WT431

Key Details

Segment: Indeterminate cluster hybrid
Growth habit: Short internodes, early maturing with open habit
Season: Spring to autumn. If larger fruit is required for winter WT 431
Maturity: Early
Fruit weight: Starting off at 230g ending up at 160g on last truss

Disease tolerance: TmV, V, F3, TSWV, TYLCV Target varieties Candela, Florenzia
Crop cycle: Short crop cycles
Fruit Shape: Full globe with small calyx attachment
Peduncle: Semi Jointed
Firmness / taste: Very firm, very uniform colouring , strong against blotchy ripening


S = carries gene for resistance to stemphylium, Ff = carries 2 genes for resistance to fusarium wilt

P = carries gene for resistance to Pseudomonas

V = carries gene Ve for tolerance to verticillium wilt

N = carries gene for resistance to root knot nematodes